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In April I taught a photography class at Garrett College. I almost said no because I was afraid I wouldn’t have time to prep material, and of course I was nervous about teaching a class by myself. I wanted to be sure I could give the class and students the time, attention and energy deserved, but I knew I’d have FOMO if I didn’t give it a try. So I said yes, and I’m so glad I did. 🙂

While I only had four students, it was such a wonderful opportunity for me as both a photographer in business and an artist. I was forced to put on paper the ideas and concepts and knowledge I use day in and day out, and in turn, I not only taught my students, but I also taught myself. Putting together the material for the class also served as a “creative refresh”, especially since it was something out of the norm for me. 

Something that I’ve always felt come naturally to me is the art of composing pictures. I can walk around on a daily basis and “see pictures” happening. It’s like my eyes work like a viewfinder on a camera! I knew I needed to teach about one of my strengths, and being able to easily and artistically compose a picture is something I think I do an okay job with. 🙂 And therefore, Basic & Creative Composition in Photography was born!

The class was a success and the students gave such great feedback! The best part was seeing their “lightbulb moments” when we were actually shooting. They were able to put together the class material with hands-on experience and make the magic happen! 🙂 Because of this, I knew I had to say yes with Anne of the Deep Creek Lavender Farm asked me if I would teach a class at the farm. 

So on Tuesday, June 26th, we’re gathering at the lavender farm for class time, shooting time, snacks, and Anne’s homemade lavender lemonade! The lavender is usually in full bloom during the last week of June, so it’ll be the perfect time to take pictures! All while sipping our lemonade in the warm, glowy, evening sun, and taking in all smells of lavender.

We’ll cover topics like creating “magical light”, using the rule of thirds, looking for interesting perspectives, balancing with negative space, cropping in post-processing, identifying appropriate backdrops and possible distractions. The class is appropriate for both beginner and intermediate photographers, as well as hobbyists and professionals. A general understanding of manual use of cameras is required and all style interests including landscapes, photojournalism, portraits, and weddings would benefit from the material and experience. Being able to put into practice what is learned in the classroom right away is going to be such a big benefit…for anyone!

Space is limited to just 15 students and we will have models present for shooting time. From approximately 5 to 7pm, we’ll have classroom time, and from 7 to 9pm, we’ll be out in the field taking pictures. Food and drink will also be available, and tickets are available for purchase online. The farm’s owner Anne is such a friendly, generous lady…I can’t wait to share this photography event with her…and all of you! 

Here’s more from the class I taught this past spring. We met at Deep Creek Lake State Park for an evening of shooting and were blessed with a wonderful couple to pose and plenty of good sunlight!

And now for more from the lavender farm! I did an engagement session there last summer and we had sunshine! It was such a magical little evening! 

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