Well, y’all, here we go again. Another month has come and gone! And this time, one of my most favorite months of the year has arrived…OCTOBER! Don’t you just love October!?! The pumpkins, the colorful leaves, the cool, crisp air? It just makes me feel good and happy. 🙂

While this month in particular means a change of seasons, it also means one year of marriage complete for three JFP couples! All three weddings were beautifully done and filled with lots of things fall, so of course I was in October heaven while shooting them! But as I look back through these October 2012 weddings, I can’t help but notice how differently I edited just one year ago. My images were more heavily contrasted and the colors were enhanced. Nowadays, I leave those sliders pretty still while editing in Lightroom to give my images a softer, more natural look. My editing style one year ago wasn’t bad, it was just a lot different, and it’s interesting to see how much has changed in just a year. I wonder how much has changed for these three couples in just a year??

Anyways, enough about my editing style, on to the anniversaries! Happy First Anniversary to Janelle and Andrew, Lauren and John, and Shannon and Tim!

Janelle and Andrew got married on a super cold, foggy day at The Summit Inn near Uniontown, PA. They filled their wedding day with owls and I loved it! Janelle also wore a vintage dress, unlike anything I had ever photographed before…

Janelle&Drew_Wedding016 Janelle&Drew_Wedding058 Janelle&Drew_Wedding073 Janelle&Drew_Wedding185 Janelle&Drew_Wedding321 Janelle&Drew_Wedding334

Janelle&Drew_Wedding385 Janelle&Drew_Wedding512

Then came Lauren and John’s beautiful VA winery wedding. The ceremony took place outside just before sunset and everything was decorated with shades of purple and green, perfect compliments to the fall colors surrounding them…

Lauren&John_Wedding106 Lauren&John_Wedding243 Lauren&John_Wedding255 Lauren&John_Wedding472 Lauren&John_Wedding618 Lauren&John_Wedding690 Lauren&John_Wedding822

And lastly, Shannon and Tim’s wedding. They were married at the Lodge at Blue Ridge Summit near Waynesboro, PA and it was an absolutely lovely fall day! The sun was shining brightly, it wasn’t super cold and there was a “sea” of yellow, GORGEOUS leaves that we were lucky enough to find and use as a photo backdrop…

Shannon&Tim_Wedding006 Shannon&Tim_Wedding059 Shannon&Tim_Wedding152 Shannon&Tim_Wedding170 Shannon&Tim_Wedding256 Shannon&Tim_Wedding464 Shannon&Tim_Wedding479


OK October, I’m ready for another gorgeous fall season this year! Don’t disappoint! 😉

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