The 2015 busy season officially started for me yesterday. I met a sweet pair of new parents and photographed them with their new bundle of joy in their home (sneak peek below!). It was a relaxing way to enter this new busy season and it’s helping me get mentally prepared for what’s next. Last year I had 55 portrait sessions…my most ever! And while I didn’t feel super tired at the end, I was very busy with post-processing work and had too many moments of being overwhelmed and feeling behind. This was not healthy for myself, my family or my business, so I knew things had to change for 2015.

I started booking 2015 portrait sessions and told myself to only accept a limited number each month. The month, the number of weddings I had that month and whether or not we were traveling at all would determine how many sessions I would schedule…and I’d try my darndest to keep that number around five per month. My portrait calendar for this year started to fill up quickly and early, just like last late-summer/fall, and I started booking into July and August a month ago…which means some people for this spring were referred elsewhere. If you know me well, you know that it’s hard for me to say no. I like to please everyone, especially when it comes to the biz, so telling someone I am booked isn’t easy. But it’s a must! I have two young kiddos and family and friends I want to spend time with. I also want to stay calm and content during busy season, remain creatively fresh for all my clients and be able to work on more than just image collections for JFP. Having a strict, or at least a more strict JFP schedule, will help me keep the balance and perform better in all areas of life and business.

So if you inquire about a portrait session now, there’s good reason while I’ll tell you I’m not available until the second part of July. I’m so excited about the portrait sessions I have lined up for 2015 so far and I’m excited to see who else will come to the calendar! I’m starting to hone in on my portrait session style and what I like best as a photographer (maybe even heading in the direction of specializing!), so I’m especially hoping lots of Sessions At The LakeIn My Backyard Sessions and Lifestyle Newborn Sessions are on the horizon. 🙂

Here’s a look into the start of the 2015 busy season! Miss Eliana was just over a month old…









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