Megan contacted me back in January about doing an anniversary type shoot for she and her husband’s five-year anniversary. Right away I thought about using Megan’s wedding dress and getting Cody “dressed up” in his wedding gear or some appropriately complimenting nice men’s clothing (day after or trash the dress??). But Megan confessed her dress is stored away and that they were looking for something a little more casual where they could include their four dogs.  She also suggested using the family farm and I quickly forgot about my ideas and was sold on her idea! I LOVE shooting on farms because of the barns, fields of green grass, fences, gravel lanes, and trees…so many photo ops! And what a great place for photographing four dogs…

I was so excited to get these family shots…everyone cooperating, everyone “smiling” at the camera. It was definitely a challenge to get all four dogs picture-ready, but they eventually contained some of their energy for some smiles at the camera. Christmas card material??

Action shot! I think Cody was trying to send a message to the dogs…”Go away! Mommy and daddy time for now!”

Ahhh I love weeping willow trees. Definitely a requirement for our next house!

I found out they were both wearing boots and Megan’s had COLOR! Def need a picture of that!

Halfway through the session, I discovered Megan has a model look! She has piercing beautiful eyes and a very pretty soft look…and she never knew it! See what portrait sessions bring out in people!?!

After I shared the sneak peek with Megan, she overwhelmed me with kind words and excitement! She’s already picked out her favorites for prints and can’t wait to get a HUGE one to hang in their house. It feels so good to deliver a nice product that holds such fond memories, and for Megan and Cody, it’s their five-year anniversary with their four furry “kids”. I love what I do and I love giving people beautiful pictures that will forever be special! Thanks for having me at the farm, Megan and Cody! You guys were so friendly and so cute. 🙂

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