Maternity Session Tips and a Sneak Peek

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I had a wonderful maternity session with former JFP couple Allison and Bob last night! So wonderful that it inspired this special blog post. 🙂



I’ve been doing more and more maternity sessions lately and have realized that a lot of people aren’t super knowledgeable when it comes maternity session happenings. What to wear, when to schedule, what to expect…there’s a lot to consider. So I’m putting together a post of tips and including a big sneak peek from Allison and Bob’s maternity session last night!

But even before the tips, maybe consider WHY. Why do a maternity session? In my opinion, pregnancy is a beautiful thing and it deserves to be celebrated, remembered and even captured. It’s really a big part of the “baby story” you’re about to tell…why not capture it with some beautiful portraits? Let’s hear what mama-to-be Allison has to say about WHY…

From Allison:

I wanted to do a maternity session to document another important milestone in our lives. We take photos for engagements, weddings and holidays so why not for the important days leading up to the moment our lives will change forever?


When to schedule your maternity session…

I suggest doing maternity sessions between 30-35 weeks. At that point, you should have a nice prominent bump, which will be the focus of the session, but not be too uncomfortable. And if you’re going to be a sweller, closer to 30 weeks would be best. I’m booking 3-4 months out for portrait sessions, so if you’re interested in a maternity session with JFP, you’ll want to consider scheduling early in your pregnancy.

How to prep for your maternity session…

If we’re doing the session at your home, all the capture-worthy spaces should be clean and tidy – the nursery, your bedroom, maybe the living room. And when it comes to the nursery specifically, it might be nice to have all the decor elements in place. If we’re meeting outside your home at a local park or other outdoor space, no need to worry about tiding up! But you could consider scouting locations. Maybe a family farm or a nearby field? Even your favorite local park. If you have no outdoor location ideas, no worries…I have plenty! You’ll also want to consider your outfits, which leads me to my next tip…



What to wear for your maternity session…

Since the focus will be on mama and her bump, I’m most concerned about her outfit choices. I suggest sticking with soft colors, little or no patterns, stretchy, comfy material/pieces (leggins!), and something feminine (a dress, lace, etc). I think one of my favorite outfits for mom is a maxi dress (like Allison’s below)…something that is feminine and shows off the bump! I also really love pastels on mom…pinks, creams, tans. And when it comes to dad, go for casual and comfortable. A pair of jeans and a nice plain t-shirt works for me! But of course “dressing it up” a little with khakis and a button-down is fine, too. And while you won’t wear props, I must mention them. DON’T USE THEM! Or at least keep it minimal. Props can sometimes interfere with creativity, at least for me, because there’s more focus on trying to incorporate them naturally than there is on capturing the beauty and importance that’s already present. But if you want to include a feminine accessory like Allison’s awesome flower crown, I say THUMBS UP! 🙂




What to expect during your maternity session…

During JFP maternity sessions, the focus is the bump…and mama, of course! At the beginning of Allison and Bob’s maternity session last night, I reassured Bob that he would only be needed 60-75% of the time. While he is just as important and will be included in pictures here and there, I’m more focused on the beauty and feminine elements of pregnancy and the actual maternity-ness…and that means using mom most. If we’re doing the session at your home, I’ll use the nursery, your bedroom, the living room and any pretty outdoor space that you might have. If we’re meeting outside somewhere, I’ll let the light and our surroundings inspire me and help direct where and when we’ll pose.





Does everyone have to do a maternity session? Of course not. Not everyone is going to be comfortable with the idea and that’s totally fine. But if you know you want a maternity session or are on the fence about it, maybe this post helped you get a little more comfortable with the idea! 🙂

Check the blog again in a few months for Allison and Bob’s newborn session with their bundle of boy! CONGRATS…and good luck, you two! So nice working with you again after almost two years. 🙂


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