Lakeview Wedding: Danni & Sean

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

Besides Danni’s excitement and joy, and she and Sean’s incredibly friendly attitudes, the wedding day tornado will definitely be one of the most memorable parts of my experience with them. Yes! There was a tornado on their wedding day! And we were in it! 

When I arrived in Morgantown, the sun was shining and the air was thick with humidity. There were storms in the forecast so Danni, Sean and Lakeview Resort planned accordingly and everything was moved inside. It was pretty apparent that the storms and rain were inevitable, but I never once heard anyone mention a tornado! We were able to capture both family and bride-groom portraits outside within minutes of the tornado arriving…and it wasn’t until after did we realize that an EF1 had landed. Thankfully, everyone and everything was okay. There was some damage close by and we did lose power for three hours, but Danni and Sean never showed signs of disappointment or stress. The wedding continued and the celebration never seemed to suffer.

High fives to Danni, Sean, their family and friends, and the staff at Lakeview for handling things so well! The wedding could have very easily taken a downward turn, but you all made things wonderful despite the challenges! What a lovely day with two very smiley, friendly, joyful people. 🙂

Mom and daughter wedding day details. 🙂

Danni’s grandma surprised her!

An “eco-friendly” bouquet made from natural materials including wood!

I love this moment between Danni and her daughter…

I’m pretty Sean had that big smile all day. 🙂

Danni looked so beautiful! Her dress fit her perfectly!

Notice the darkish blue skies behind them…

The wind came through and the curtain of rain came through about five minutes after these pictures…

And yet these two just smiled right through it all! 🙂

Danni and Sean’s reception details were beautiful! I loved the mix of gold and green accents…

Cake by the fabulous Laura of Lolita’s Cupcreations! It looked and tasted SO GOOD!!!

Danni and her parents worked on keeping dry flowers in the days leading up to the wedding and they looked beautiful as part of the centerpieces…

Because of the large windows in their ceremony and reception room, we did have some light after the power went out. And even with just a little bit of light, the celebration continued!

Danni’s daughter sang a special song and she really impressed the crowd!

The DJ was able to run home and grab a generator so we could have music! The evening really did turn out just fine and we were able to capture everything we needed! 🙂

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