Lakefront Deep Creek Wedding: Emily & Collin

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

When I arrived at Emily and Collin’s backyard, lakefront wedding at Deep Creek Lake, I was immediately impressed by the location – a grand house, built and designed by Emily’s dad, where family and friends could enjoy the beauty of the lake. Emily’s dad was also the first to greet us (thanks for second shooting, Jodi…and so fun working with you, Leo and Amanda!) and you could tell that he was excited for the day. He also mentioned that the house was “Emily’s dream”, so indeed the location was special.

But the beauty and excitement didn’t stop at the front door. No sir! We were once again impressed (and basically blown away) by the beauty that stood before us in the backyard. A grand, elegant, sophisticated white tent with wood floors, stairs and a wall to make the surface level and compensate for the descent to the shoreline. It was the prettiest tent I had ever seen and the backyard atmosphere was a wedding lover’s dream!

As the day continued and as I worked with Emily, Collin, their family, friends, and other vendors, I was just plain thankful to be a part of such a phenomenal event. What an event to take place here at Deep Creek Lake in our little corner of the world! WOW! The details were beautiful, the weather was beautiful and Emily and Collin were so wonderful. (They even risked the waves and weight limit and stood on a dock with their wedding party of 18 people for pictures! See more below, ha!) Mr. and Mrs. Hunter, if I had to guess, I’d say your Deep Creek Lake wedding dreams came true that day!?! 🙂 Thanks a million for inviting me to capture it all! What a true honor!

Emily and Collin’s wedding day story…

bride's getting ready room

Emily’s dress by Essense of Australia

lace bridal gown

Florals by Farmhouse Fete near Deep Creek Lake

His and hers. 🙂

Hair by Cobblestone Hair Salon at Deep Creek Lake and Makeup by TM Artistry

I sort of couldn’t get enough of Collin’s “banded” ring. So unique!

navy blue groomsmen

I told them we were going to do a “Flying V” and then followed with “Go Penguins!” Most of them are from the eastern side of Maryland…you do the math. 🙂


I love this bridal scene! So many beautiful ladies!

Emily’s dress was beautiful! We couldn’t get enough!

Emily shared a first look with her dad and there were tears…

You know me and my grandma pictures! Gotta have ’em! 🙂

The grand baby ring bearer certainly caught the crowd’s attention!

What a beautiful archway by Farmhouse Fete!

Oooohhh and the bridesmaid dresses, too! 🙂

A backyard, lakefront, lakeside ceremony…

This was the first time I experienced the “bourbon bottle tradition” of the south. Exactly one month before their wedding, Emily and Collin buried a bottle of bourbon at their ceremony site in hopes that it would bring good weather on their wedding day. And on their wedding day, they had beautiful weather, dug up that bottle and shared a drink with their parents…

Disclaimer: No one and no thing were harmed in the taking of this picture…even though it looks like the wedding party and the dock are about to sink! I know now the weight limit of those docks, but am thankful for their willingness to give this a try and smile quickly! I just feel like you can’t have a wedding at the lake without pictures on the dock!

wedding party on a dock

Look at these beautiful ladies!

A few quiet moments with the bride… 🙂

A favorite for me! 🙂

Look at the little pops of fall color we captured!

This next series is SUCH A FAVORITE! That light, the scenery, her dress…YEESSS!!!

How cute are they!?! 

Fave fave fave!!!

And now for all the wonderful reception details! Event design also by Farmhouse Fete

Tent by Loane Brothers Inc

backyard tent wedding

It’s not a lake wedding without a canoe beverage cooler! 🙂

Catering by Rouge. Delicious food, lovely staff and service!

Cake by Lorenzo’s Frostburg Bakery near the Deep Creek Lake area

This backyard wedding scene just blew all of us away…

And we were in the perfect spot for some beautiful sunset light!

I caught these guys staring down my off-camera flash and light stand. After I explained to them that the flash wasn’t taking their picture and that my flashes were actually “talking to each other”, I had to pose them for a picture. 🙂

Music and mood by Sounds Fun DJs near Deep Creek Lake

Some of these new friends are Bridgewater College alum, just like Collin! What a fun surprise! 🙂

I highly recommend tambourines for the wedding reception. Bonus points if they light up! Great idea, Mama Karen!

A sparkler send-off and…

A pontoon boat exit! Now THAT’s a Deep Creek Lake wedding!

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