Deep Creek Lake Wedding: Elizabeth & Emmett

Deep Creek Lake Wedding Photographer

When I showed up for Elizabeth and Emmett’s lakefront wedding event at Deep Creek Lake, I first visited the reception tent to drop off my light stands…and I could see my breath. It was September 2nd and it was 45 degrees outside. Just days before we experienced summer-like weather so fall-like conditions were a surprise. But hey, you gotta make things happen anyways. And boy did we! 

Thanks to Elizabeth and Emmett’s seemingly worry-free attitudes, their wedding day was a beautiful one despite the unexpected, unusual weather conditions. It rained almost the whole day and the air was cold! But Elizabeth told me that as long as it wasn’t pouring rain, the lakefront, outdoor ceremony would happen! 

So after getting them ready and snapping a few fun and formal portraits outside (before the constant drizzle began), the ceremony chairs were put into place and everyone headed down to the lake. Umbrellas went up, jackets were zipped and shivering commenced, but I think Elizabeth, Emmett and their guests would agree, it was worth it. The lake made a beautiful backdrop for their ceremony and everyone in attendance could say they had a real lake experience, #tundraofmaryland weather and all!

Elizabeth and Emmett, THANK YOU! Thank you for choosing the lake as your wedding day location and for toughing out the rain and cold for your ceremony…and for pictures! We may have all smelled and felt like wet dogs at some point (heck, I even stepped into the lake for a shot!), but again, I think everyone would agree, it was worth it. 🙂

Chips, beer and hanging out…I love capturing the guys in their true element on the wedding day. 🙂

Elizabeth’s family rented a lake house just down the road from the wedding spot, so I met she and her gals after photographing Emmett’s details. And when we showed me her lavender gown, I reacted with “Are you kidding me!?!” Or something like that. 🙂 I was blown away by its beauty and so excited that she chose some unique and different for her wedding day. High fives, Elizabeth! You nailed it!

Dress by BHLDN.

Elizabeth also had a simple wrap sweater to keep her warm throughout the day…

Bridesmaid gifts and then the dress!

One of my most favorite things on a wedding day is flowers in the hair. 🙂

And look at this! STUNNING!!! Nailed it…I told you! 🙂

Beautiful flowers by Mary at Clara’s Garden in Oakland, MD!

Elizabeth and her Dad…

Snuggled up for some quick portraits! I love when the bride and her maids add accessories on cold wedding days!

My second shooter Erin saved the day with this clear umbrella! Immediately after stepping outside to take these portraits, my clear umbrella broke. (What are the chances!?!) Thankfully, Erin had just purchased this umbrella a few days before the wedding and it fit perfectly into the pictures! THANK YOU, Erin! 

It’s Emmett’s turn to shine! 🙂

Emmett and his groomsmen have been friends since they were little…and it shows. 🙂

Emmett’s laugh and smile is one of the best I’ve seen!

More flowers by Clara’s Garden!

These old milk bottles came from Elizabeth’s grandma!

I couldn’t pass up this capture! It was cold, people!

Two of the sweetest wedding day mamas I’ve met. 🙂

Elizabeth and Emmett wrote their own vows in their own vow books…

See the rain all over Emmett and Pastor Carl’s jackets!?! Worth it. 🙂

Even the families stuck out the rain and cold for some portraits. Thank you, guys! 🙂

Aaaaahhhhh I love this one! It’s the first shot I took of this dock series!

Look how amazing Elizabeth’s dress looked gliding across the dock!!!

The clear umbrella continues to be awesome!

I think this is about the time I stepped into the lake. My rain boots were up the hill and in my car, and there was no time to retrieve them. After a few moments of contemplation, I took the plunge! Just a few feet in and I got the angle I wanted! I later had to dump the lake water out of my shoes, ha! #photographyadventure #worthit 🙂

Another favorite!!!

Elizabeth and that dress!!!

The wedding party so graciously waited until we were done with dock pictures so they could reunite for a few more portraits. See that colorful umbrella? That’s mine. 🙂

One of my new favorite things to do at weddings…TWIRLING!!

Surprisingly, the tent was warm! Attaching sides to the tent and turning on the heaters made a world of difference…

All the cakes were made by Emmett’s mom, Barb! There were three different flavors so naturally I wanted to try all three. #idoitforthecake 🙂 Great job, Barbara! The cakes were gooooddd!

I love a good bustle! 🙂

And I couldn’t pass up capturing the guest book! All their favorite engagement portraits…yay! 🙂

A beer boat! Appropriate for a lake wedding. 


Oh Bailey, you’re awesome! 🙂

Paper lanterns at the end of the night…


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