Sara and Neil vacation at Deep Creek Lake with family every year and they’re getting married at Wisp Resort this fall, so an engagement session at the lake was very fitting! While at the lake, they enjoy boating, fishing and eating ice cream, so when they agreed to including all of those in the session, I knew we were going to walk away with might possibly be the quintessential Deep Creek Lake engagement session experience. 🙂

The evening was full of sun, which, if I’m being honest, made shooting a little challenging. We met in the final hours before sunset, so the light should have been pretty perfect. But when that almost-perfect light reflects off the water, the brightness factor increases. I was forced to think a little more creatively and work around the challenge (and now I know better for future sessions, too!), and actually found myself going beyond my own photography style while doing so. Because Sara and Neil were actually doing something during each segment of their session and because I was working in bright, open light, I captured some not-so-typical portraits (at least for me), and I’m kind of excited about it! I want to stay true to my fun, fresh, colorful and a smidge traditional/classic style, but it’s good to push boundaries and evolve a little. And I think you’ll see a little of that throughout this post… 

Thanks for spending an evening on the lake with me, Sara and Neil! And for being game for all my activity suggestions! What a perfect way to capture your love for each other and Deep Creek Lake

One of my favorites from the session…

Time for a boat ride!

This is a favorite, too!

And this one! I love Sara’s smile and the way the wind captured her hair…

Back to the dock for some more pictures…this time, the sun was a little less bright. 🙂

I love this one! Their smiles, her laugh and sunglasses. 🙂

You gotta put your feet in the water when you’re at the lake!

Another favorite for me. 🙂

Our last stop was Lakeside Creamery, a must-visit when at Deep Creek Lake! Their hand-dipped flavors are plentiful and delicious, and their lakeside location makes for a nice little experience. And Sara and Neil always indulge in the goodness when in Garrett County. 🙂

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