This past spring, I finally entered the iPhone world. I had a Droid for over two years and couldn’t wait for an upgrade! I knew the iPhone was awesome and I knew it wouldn’t give me the problems I had with the Droid. I also knew I could get a snazzy new custom case for it. 🙂

After I saw that my photo lab, as well as other photo product companies, were offering phone cases that could be printed with personal pictures, I knew I needed to get one that showcased JFP in some way. At first I thought about choosing a favorite wedding image from last season and including my logo to help promote the biz. But then I realized that walking around with another couple’s picture on my phone might be a little weird. Then came Ally. What better person to put on my phone case than my very own little miss!? I picked my favorite picture from her two-year portrait session, designed it with some text and my logo, and VOILA!


(The “Say Cheese!” is pretty appropriate, don’t ya think?? 🙂 )

I even jazzed things up a bit and ordered the pink case (and switchback metal plate). So not only is my phone pink, which totally matches the JFP branding (and my style!), but the image of Ally can actually be swapped with another in the future. I can design another cover with another image of her (or she and her future sibling!) and only have to reorder the plate, not the entire case! Pretty neat-o, huh?

I decided that I needed to provide one more example of these custom cases, especially for my wedding clients. If I were a newlywed, I think it would be super cool to have a phone case with one of your wedding pictures on it! Every time you use your phone, you could show off your wedding pictures to those around you. Definitely an eye-catcher and something super unique!

So here’s Neeley and Chris on a snazzy white iPhone 5 case…


I was able to retrieve their monogram file and include it in the design, too! Now not every design needs text and of course the designs wouldn’t include my logo. Maybe we could even stitch a few pictures together for one plate design? I think these would make fabulous gifts and they may be a nice add-on to your wedding photography or portrait session package!

ZX0X2255 ZX0X2256 ZX0X2258 ZX0X2262 ZX0X2264 ZX0X2265 ZX0X2266 ZX0X2271 ZX0X2275



If you’re interested in ordering a custom photo phone case (case, plate and my design included; available for the iPhone 4, 4s, 5 and Galaxy SIII), they’re only $40 each! After you purchase a case, each switchback plate will only be $20. Email me at for more info and to place an order!

P.S. Neeley doesn’t know about this phone case. I did some “behind the scenes” work with her hubby Chris to pick out the perfect picture and snag the monogram file. Neeley, if you’re reading this, I just shipped this case to you this morning! Consider it a special gift from me to you for being an awesome client. 🙂 And I hope you got that iPhone 5 you were talking about… 😉


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Thank you sooooo much Jess! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! Totally surprised with this! Chris is the best hubby =) I can’t wait to get it!
Our wedding seems like 10 years ago LOL, this is one of my FAV pics to commemorate it by, so fitting (and you were able to use our monogram!!!)

Talk soon, xoxo!

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