Corona Chronicles: It Only Took 18 Days

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Well friends, it only took 18 days. 18 days for me to have a meltdown. Or breakdown? I’m not sure which is more appropriate, but I was down. Annnddd it only took me four days to write this post, post-breakdown ha! If those statements don’t appropriately describe life right now… 🙂

Overall, things have been fine around here with mostly good things happening, not bad. But I guess I hit a wall earlier this week and just needed to get some things out of my brain. I was actually kind of proud I made it that long! We were early in week three of the kids being off from school and me being at home with them, Monday-Friday, all day long (Brian is essential and still working normal hours). It’s quite the trying juggling act to educate and entertain them all day, WHILE I’m trying to maintain some kind of normalcy for JFP. Oh AND also do the laundry, clean the house and cook the meals, ha! But I think I’ve found something that might be helping to keep the stress down and the balance balanced…

Low expectations.

If I expect to get a ton of work done, and I don’t, I get frustrated. If I expect to sit for an hour, uninterrupted, and I can’t, I get upset. So instead, I’ve just been expecting to get very little done each day, at least when it comes to JFP. I’ve had some time to email each day, edit pictures here and there, put together some social media posts, and I’m occasionally able to tune into webinars to educate myself. But the 6-7 hours a day I was used to working are almost completely gone. I’m now down to about two hours a day, and they aren’t usually consecutive. (One reason I’m finishing this post four days later, on a Saturday when we’re not doing school work and Brian is also here.) 

Well now I realize this just sounds like a bunch of complaining, so I’ll stop there! HA! Just sharing some reality so maybe we can connect more personally during this hard time. I’m being reminded and inspired frequently in our current situation to SHARE…to be personal…to offer full disclosure and allow connection. Being able to connect right now whether through business or personal happenings is key, I think. (It’s at least been a big help to me!) We need that now in our time of social distancing, closures, shut downs, and quarantines. So consider these posts, my “Corona Chronicles”, as a way of trying to connect even more with you all! 🙂

So here’s to the rough times that I know we’re all experiencing, no matter how big or small. Because hopefully, likely, they are accompanied by good times! Just like my breakdown. Something rough lead Brian and I to have a productive, let-it-all-out conversation. We don’t have those often and after 15 minutes, we were laughing together and found our evening with the kids completely turned around because of it. 

And now for the picture of this post…Nicole and Justin, and their new baby Forrest. I did their wedding almost three years ago and they invited me into their home last month to capture baby moments. I just finished their image collection yesterday. 🙂

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