Christmas Gift Idea For The Whole Family

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Meet the Beitzel Family! They all live locally here in Garrett County, their roots are strong and they now roll 18 deep in their line-up! I met them through our local Montessori school when my kiddos started becoming friends with some of the youngest kiddos in their group, and I’ve gained some great friends within the B family since we moved five years ago. Garrett County is definitely blessed to have this dynamic and talented group! 

The Queen Bee, Nana Dawn, contacted me about doing a portrait session with the ENTIRE group because she wanted to give the gift of pictures to her four kids. She also wanted some updated pictures now that the littles were older and some new littles were added in recent years. Dawn’s Christmas gift idea benefitted herself AND her kiddos! She was able to get the updated BIG group pictures she desired and each of the individual families got their own pictures as well! They now have these for Christmas cards, Christmas presents, wall decor, and continued opportunity for sharing! 

If anyone else is looking for a unique Christmas gift idea that can serve and benefit the whole family, a portrait session could be just the ticket! Sessions can be reserved now and we can take the pictures whenever your family desires…winter, spring summer, even fall! I even have JFP gift certificates I can print and send to you so there’s an official, physical gift to give. I’ve had many daughters and sons gifting their parents sessions as an anniversary gift, or a “just because” they’re all on vacation at the lake together gift. But I especially love this for a Christmas gift! Shoot me an email if you’d like to chat about the possibilities: 

In the meantime, enjoy this colorful family and all their smiles on their family farm… 🙂

Nana, Grandpa and their grandkiddos!

And now Nana Dawn with her original six…

And of course, just the queens. 🙂

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