It’s been a little while since I’ve had a mentor meeting. I had a handful in the spring and really enjoyed teaching other photographers. It certainly affirmed the fact that I do enjoy teaching and sharing my passion about photography. I’ve been continuing the art of teaching recently…style shoot photography shootout/workshop was held last weekend (coming to the blog in the near future!) and I have dreams of a large scale JFP workshop for the next year. So the wheels are turning and we’re all learning! 🙂

I met with Chasity a couple weeks ago. Her husband gifted her a mentor meeting for Mother’s Day, which was such a perfect and unique gift! During Chasity’s meeting, we talked about equipment, using a flash, posing and composing, and starting a business. Chasity does photography on the side, wants to get better at her craft and make her business legal. She’s considering investing in a better camera body and will hopefully no longer be afraid of the flash! Or at least be able to use her natural light surroundings to eliminate the need for a flash. Yay for natural light!

Good luck with your photography adventures, Chasity! Thanks for meeting with me!

Chasity_02 Chasity_07 Chasity_12 Chasity_14 Chasity_18

Two and three hour mentor meetings are available for any level photographers, business or no business. My August is pretty packed, and September and October are getting there, so if you’re interested in doing a mentor meeting in the next few months, contact me now! You can find out more about mentor meetings here. Have a FAB weekend everyone! 🙂

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I left our meeting with a lot more knowledge and understanding of using my flash and taking advantage of using natural light. I took the leap and purchased a Canon 6d. I’m excited to get out there (if it ever stops raining) and apply what I have learned from our meeting. Your a great teacher Jessica. I’m looking forward to the opportunity to learn more from you at your upcoming workshops. Thanks again!

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