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Today is a very special day! Yes, it’s the two-week mark ’til Christmas, but it’s also a well-celebrated day in the Fike house. It’s our birthdays! Brian, Ally and myself were all born on December 11th! We’re a 1 in 133,000 kind of family and we’ve been that way for three years now…ever since our Continue Reading




Have you ever tried running a small business out of your home without internet or an organized office? Have you ever tried using a computer that takes more than a minute to upload one single image? How about that same computer with a non-working G key? That’s been the life of JFP for the past Continue Reading




Wow. It’s finally here. It’s time to move into our new home, the home that we built (well, it was actually Brian and a bunch of crews, but we made all the decisions). The home that we’ve been planning for since last summer. I remember when we bought the land. I remember thinking it would Continue Reading

I’ve had these pictures of Ally ready for blogging for about a week now. But guess what? I forgot I had a blog! HA! At least for a couple days, I did. I was coming up with a mental to-do list at the end of yesterday and realized I hadn’t blogged Monday or Tuesday, and Continue Reading

Goodness. Life has been busy lately. I just finished two weddings and two engagement sessions in one weekend and while I’m not incredibly exhausted, my brain is exhausted thinking about everything that’s coming up next. I only have two weddings left for the season (yay!), but a ton of fall portrait sessions remain, as well Continue Reading

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