I’ve had these pictures of Ally ready for blogging for about a week now. But guess what? I forgot I had a blog! HA! At least for a couple days, I did. I was coming up with a mental to-do list at the end of yesterday and realized I hadn’t blogged Monday or Tuesday, and that I actually had material ready to blog! I wasn’t waiting to finish up my latest wedding or portrait session. I was just so busy. Between working on the fall photography season (it’s been quite a doozey!) and going through all the motions of moving, I’ve been pretty swamped. Thankfully, there’s light at the end of the tunnel!

I only have two portrait sessions left on the 2013 calendar (hopefully I’ll book some in November and December!), there’s only one wedding left in the season AND WE’RE MOVING INTO OUR NEW HOUSE NEXT WEEK! Yes! The time has finally come to make the big move! Our house has made some great strides in the past few weeks, mostly because of Brian and his hard work and persistence ( 🙂 ), and we were finally able to confirm that our move-in date is October 31st. I’m so excited to start making the house a home and I’m so thrilled at how everything turned out with the project, but there’s still a lot to do before our life in Garrett County can actually start. Don’t worry, I’ll share a house update next week with the finished product!

Until then, here’s some fall portraits of my growing little girl. She’ll be three in less than two months, so I need to start coming up with ideas for her three-year portraits. Maybe something in the snow since we’ll be living in the “North Pole of Maryland”? But first things first…let’s enjoy Morgantown and what’s left of the fall foliage while we still can…



I know, I know. Her hair’s in her face. She refused to wear a bow, so I didn’t fight it. I think she still looks pretty!












I asked her to turn around and smile, and this is how she responded. 🙂


While waiting for friends to arrive at the park earlier in October, I snapped some pictures and Ally collected leaves in her pumpkin bucket…




I told Ally to just start laughing, and this is what I got! Such a stinker butt. 🙂







Happy Fall, y’all!

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Your daughter is precious!!:)

She is such a sweet little girl. Love the pics.

Nice pictures. She is a ham when the camera is on her. I understand she will be here for Halloween.

Nice pictures. She is a ham when the camera is on her.

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