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Shortly after Jack was born, I realized that I may not have the opportunity to have professional portraits taken of just he and I during his newborn days. I’m a photographer but I can’t take pictures when I need to be in them! Yes, I know cameras have self-timers and I could just push the Continue Reading

How many of you blog readers are moms? How many of you moms don’t have nice portraits with your kiddos? How many of you moms will be celebrating Mother’s Day this year for the first, fifth, even fifteenth time!? If you’re a mom (or someone who is looking for a Mother’s Day gift), read on. Continue Reading

Joel is the newest member of the Fike family! He was born on February 22nd weighing in at 5 pounds 14 ounces. He’s Jason and Heather’s first child and he’s mine and Brian’s first nephew. He and our Jack are only three weeks apart, which makes the two of them a little extra special. I Continue Reading

Jack is currently six weeks old and I’m just now sharing his newborn portraits. Doing regular JFP things hasn’t been super easy since this guy was born, so I haven’t been able to blog or edit much…hence my being behind. It’s driving me just a little crazy, but I’m trying not to do too much Continue Reading

Since having Jack home and wanting to take as many pretty portraits of he and Ally as possible, I’ve discovered that it’s easier to photograph other people’s kids…at least right now, in my opinion. For some reason, the elements never seem to completely come together every time I attempt a little “session” with my kiddos. Continue Reading

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