Nicole and I first met this past winter. Between our love of weddings and pretty details, we immediately clicked and decided to work on a project together. She was starting an event design/planning business and I had always wanted to put together a style shoot. She needed to build a portfolio and I needed someone to put together the details of a shoot. BOOM! We were a match made in heaven. 🙂

“Blush & Blueberry” was born with Nicole’s inspiration from the West Virginia summer sunsets. Blues and pinks often fill the mountain-y skies of our state and Nicole knew of a “pink barn” in the area. When combined, they made a lovely presentation for our first style shoot project. As plans progressed, I knew I wanted to share the loveliness with others and continue my joy of teaching, so we decided to make it a photography workshop-type event as well. The spots filled up quickly and before we knew it, we had ten photographers joining us for the event.

I was so excited and honored to be part of this style shoot. I finally was able to help put one together and I was able to leap into the “photography workshop world” gradually with a two-hour teaching opportunity. I loved meeting new photographers and hanging out with friends. This is definitely something that Nicole and I both want to do again and we’re hoping to make something happen this fall. But for now, please enjoy the loveliness that is “Blush & Blueberry”…

Each attendee was welcome to take a treat bag from Nicole and a notebook and pencil from myself. Just some little goodies to say “thanks!”



Pink champagne was part of the style shoot, too. 🙂


Here it is, the grand “pink barn” that Nicole thankfully discovered recently! It made a more-than-perfect backdrop for the style shoot…


And now for all the lovelies, put together and designed by Nicole!ZX0X9324 ZX0X9347 ZX0X9348

Photographers in action!ZX0X9356 ZX0X9357

There’s my mom! Definitely the most experienced photographer in the bunch with over 20 years under her belt!


My friend Allison…she isn’t a photographer pursuing a business. She’s a mama with a nice camera who wants to learn to take better pictures…and who wanted a change from the normal running toddler subjects. 🙂ZX0X9361 ZX0X9362 ZX0X9367

The florals were purchased and arranged by Nicole, too! She sort of does it all!


And here’s our wonderful model, Cara. You did a FABULOUS job, Cara! Thanks for allowing a group of photographers photograph the heck out of you. 🙂ZX0X9397 ZX0X9418

After we photographed Cara for a few minutes, we headed back over to Nicole’s set-up for some new details…ZX0X9533 ZX0X9542

How yummy do the blueberries look!?!?


Outfit change for Cara!


We got so many laughs and smiles from Cara…such a great model!ZX0X9594 ZX0X9609 ZX0X9618

Shirt from Forever 21 and skirt from Anthropologie (is that right, Nicole?). We were trying to show a playful, modern twist on a recent bridal trend…tea-length skirts, tulle and denim accessories!ZX0X9622 ZX0X9644 ZX0X9654 ZX0X9674 ZX0X9682

This is the only picture I have of Nicole in action…wish I would have gotten more!


There’s Cara, being cute and bubbly again!ZX0X9703 ZX0X9707 ZX0X9719 ZX0X9726 ZX0X9732 ZX0X9736 ZX0X9755 ZX0X9762 ZX0X9770 ZX0X9789 ZX0X9792

Whoa! Swarm of the photographers…ha!ZX0X9812 ZX0X9821 ZX0X9822 ZX0X9833 ZX0X9840 ZX0X9845 ZX0X9864 ZX0X9899 ZX0X9900 ZX0X9908 ZX0X9913 ZX0X9921 ZX0X9925

Some final shots as the sun slipped away…


And of course we had a little fun with during those final moments…ZX0X9940 ZX0X9945 ZX0X9950 ZX0X9961 ZX0X9971 ZX0X9994


And here’s the group…minus one who wasn’t able to attend because of a flat tire and minus another who had to leave early. Thank you ladies for coming to our style shoot and trusting Nicole and I with our design and photography skills. It was so nice meeting all of you! I hope you learned a ton and will consider coming to one of our future events. 🙂


And thank you Nicole! This all would not have been possible without you! I think you are going to ROCK in your business and I cannot wait until it officially launches. Thanks a million for all the details and all your hard work. I cannot wait for our next project, friend. 🙂ZX0X9998

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Hi Jessica,

This looks awesome! Please let me know when you are planning your next stylized shoot. I would love to participate. Thanks!

Beautiful!! I’m hoping that I will be able to join you for the next one. I just missed hearing about this one by a few days..

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