Blue Moon Rising Wedding: Rachel & Lucas

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I know it’s still winter and the temps haven’t quite hit springtime yet (we still have remnants of a snow storm on the ground), but the recent “think spring” mentality that’s hit of #TundraofMaryland is a bit contagious. And really, I just need to get this beautiful, colorful Blue Moon Rising wedding on the blog. 🙂

Rachel and Lucas married on a warm September afternoon immersed in the quiet of the forest. The trees were plentiful, the beauty of nature dazzled and the 14 tiny cabins of the Blue Moon Rising village impressed (and housed!) guests.

Their love for the outdoors and earthly enchantments are what drew Rachel and Lucas to BMR for their wedding. They enjoyed a weekend stay with many of their friends and family overnighting close by in the unique, eco-friendly cabins of the property. Rachel’s dad grew the flowers (wait until you see…they’re so beautiful and so impressive!) for the wedding and she and her mom made 1,000 paper cranes for decoration (also impressive). Both added such beautiful pops of color to their woodland ceremony scene…and you know that color definitely got me excited! 🙂

Giant tee-pee tents and a large white tent housed their cocktail hour and reception. Long tables and benches, all custom-made for Blue Moon Rising, were lightly decorated with flowers and paper cranes, and guests enjoyed tacos for dinner while sitting underneath a string of lights. An awesome, woodland wedding for the nature lovers, indeed!

Rachel’s dad grew these…all summer long…in his backyard. WOWZER!

This was my mom’s idea. 🙂

A tie with dinosaurs for Lucas? Sure, why not!? 🙂

They even had their own homemade beer at the wedding!

Fun Fact: This was their wedding day spreadsheet. Color-coded and given to each member of the wedding party. They kept referring to the photography schedule and spreadsheet, even joking about it at times. But I really think everyone appreciated Rachel’s organization. So I had to make sure it was highlighted and styled. 🙂

Rachel and her girls got ready in the tiny cabin next to the ceremony space…

This next series is SUCH A FAVORITE!! That light and Rachel in all her woodland bride goodness!!!

We twirled more than once that day. 🙂

BMR includes old books in all their cabins. Lucas found one that he had been wanting to read so he read…

I love this moment! Rachel’s dad handing over the bouquet he so carefully and lovingly prepared for her…

A first look in the forest! 

AAAHHH I couldn’t get enough of Rachel in this light!!

Lucas of course stood to the side and waited his turn… 🙂

Appropriate groomsmen gifts for a woodland wedding, ha!

A ceremony space among the trees…

The majority of the paper cranes made by Rachel and her mom were used as the ceremony backdrop…

Before they walked down the aisle as husband and wife, they had to do this…


After the ceremony, Rachel and Lucas walked back over to the cabin where she got ready and they stood so perfectly in this light. My mom ran over and gave them a few posing suggestions and we captured some of my absolute favorite portraits of the day…

Big family pictures don’t scare me. 🙂


And more twirling. 🙂

When at Blue Moon Rising, you gotta pose with the grass on the roof… 🙂

Time for the reception! And more homegrown flowery goodness!

Truly a wedding in the woods…

Girlfriend made her own jean jacket and drank her own beer. 🙂


Thanks for such a magical, woodland wedding experience, Rachel and Lucas! What an awesome day!

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