It’s currently snowing here in the #TundraofMaryland and many of us are CELEBRATING SNOW as we’re expected to get 2-4 inches throughout the day AND Wisp Resort has officially begun snowmaking for the upcoming ski season. But as the “snow talk” started yesterday among my friends, both in person and on social media, I was immediately reminded that while many of us are celebrating the snow, so many others are grumbling.

Up until last winter season, I was one of those grumblers. Frequently complaining about the cold and snow, and wishing away the winter season. But when the winter conditions hit in 2018, I decided to shift my attitude. I decided to EMBRACE WINTER! I went skiing for the first time in nine years. I played outside in the snow with my kids more. I relished in the art of wearing colorful scarves, beanies and weather- and cold-proof boots. Brian and I took a ski trip to Snowshoe. I drove around and witnessed all the winter time beauty and captured the snow and ice while doing so. I took the kids snow tubing at Wisp for the first time. As a result, I (and Brian included) had one of the most fun seasons since moving here to Garrett County six years ago. 

So here’s our Garrett County, Deep Creek Lake, #TundraofMaryland reality, local friends: It’s colder here, we get more precipitation. Winter comes early and usually sticks around for too long. But we live here! So unless we’re able to retreat to Florida for the winter or hibernate in our homes 24/7 from now until April, we might as well enjoy it, right!? 

I found this quote on Facebook yesterday and it couldn’t sum up this shift-in-attitude encouragement any better: If you choose not to find the joy in snow, you will have less joy in your life but still the same amount of snow. BRILLIANT, and so darn true.

Now for my list! 13 Ways to Embrace the Snow, Even if You’re Mad About It. 🙂

  1. Go buy a “fancy” coffee drink! If you’re in Garrett County, I suggest Cornish Cafe, Trader’s Coffee and Canoe On The Run
  2. Take a drive and look around. Snow is really beautiful!
  3. Take some pictures during that drive.
  4. Pretend you’re snowed in and walk to the beverage or grocery store (if you’re close enough) for some snowed-in treats!
  5. Hike your favorite trail. Seeing it in a different season, especially while covered in snow, is a whole new experience.
  6. Buy a new scarf! 
  7. Sit by a fireplace with a roaring fire. There’s one at Ace’s, Suites at Silver Tree, Savage River Lodge
  8. Play with your kids (or your friends’ kids) in the snow. Kids see snow through a magical light.
  9. Organize a spontaneous snowball fight for your office or neighborhood.
  10. Get out and ski or snowboard, especially if you haven’t done it in years. High Mountain Sports at the lake has rentals for $20 during the week and is less than a minute from Wisp!
  11. Search for a new snow tubing or sledding hill. Herrington Manor State Park in Oakland actually has one!
  12. Take a little staycation! This is especially easy here in Garrett County because of our lodging options. A cabin in the woods, lakefront hotel room, big vacation house for you and your friends…
  13. Schedule your next portrait session for snow! Just look at all these lovely folks having fun in the snow during last winter season…

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