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Behind the Scenes 2015

Maryland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia Wedding Photographer

I’ve never done a “behind the scenes” post before. Most photographers do them and they always seem to be a “huge hit” among readers (I know I enjoy looking at them!). So I’m going to give it a try this year! All year long, we photographers share pretty pictures of pretty weddings. But what we Continue Reading




Well, today’s our birthday. OUR as in mine, Brian’s and Ally’s. All three of us have the SAME BIRTHDAY! I know, we’re the “coolest birthday family ever”…as commented by someone on Facebook. 🙂 Brian and I have been celebrating our birthdays together since we started dating in 2005. (Poor guy, he’s had to share his Continue Reading




Teen MOPS: Spring Portraits

Morgantown WV Portrait Photographer

Mountaineer Teen MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) in Morgantown, WV is an outreach ministry for moms under 23 years of age with kiddos five years and younger. The group is designed to walk alongside young moms in the season of early mothering by providing support and resources. I’ve visited this group two times in the past two years Continue Reading

Does anyone else love Instagram like I do!?! The picture-taking photographer and mama in me loves it and the naturally nose-y woman in me loves it! Posting daily pictures of life and business and being able to quickly see what everyone else is doing and saying, too!?! It’s like a super condensed version of Facebook that’s Continue Reading

Well, Jack is sick. Yep, on his birthday. He came down with a low-grade fever yesterday afternoon and woke up with it again this morning. So I kept him home from daycare for a day with mama. But a day at home with mama on your birthday seems appropriate, right? Just as long as it Continue Reading

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