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In my 63-wedding JFP career, I’ve eaten a lot of wedding cake. It’s definitely one of the highlights of the wedding day for me because most of the time I’m on the 7th, 8th or 9th hour of shooting and a nice sliver of delicious wedding cake is like “icing on the cake”…a sweet ending Continue Reading

While we were on vacation in Emerald Isle, NC last month, I got up before 6:30 am during our last full day to catch the sunrise. My hubs of course thought I was a bit crazy and sarcastically asked if I could do my best not to wake him up while I was getting up…ha! Continue Reading




We got back late last night from nearly two weeks of vacation and I’m exhausted from all the traveling, many activities, late nights and time changes, and I’m thinking “exhaustion” might find a commonplace in my life over the coming weeks…or even months! Being away from serious JFP work for that long means lots of relaxation, Continue Reading

I knew very few people and knew very little about the area when we moved to Morgantown, WV a year ago. I really wasn’t sure where the best restaurants were, where the post offices were located, when you should avoid driving through town, and all those other little things that are important to thriving in Continue Reading

I LOVE peanut butter and chocolate together…ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT! I’ll choose that combination over any other when given a list of desserts or ice cream flavors. It’s such a sure bet and it’s simply delicious. 🙂 My latest Pinterest recipe find is a peanut butter and chocolate treat with an added bonus…pretzels! Another thing that Continue Reading

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