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Since day one of JFP, I’ve wanted to be different and I’ve wanted to standout. Whether it’s my branding, my photography style or the way I present my personal life through my blog, I wanted people to easily find and remember me. Even things as simple as my flash drives for client images (they’re hot Continue Reading

This past Friday, my mom and I volunteered to run the “photo booth” at the Parents’ Place Silent Auction Fundraiser. This was both my mom and I’s first experience with operating a photo booth, but with her equipment and my idea of fun pictures, we knew we could handle it. We had a plethora of Continue Reading

Did you know that you can take me with you for your destination wedding!?! Yeppers, I am ready and willing to travel for wedding photography! I had my first opportunity to travel for a wedding last July when I shot Rachel and David’s wedding in Portland, Maine and I’ll be gearing up for another coastal Continue Reading

It’s another installment of a recently added blog series post, Photog Q&A! One common question I received when I announced the series was how to start a photography business, or steps I recommend to make things happen. While a very important topic, it could get pretty in-depth and lengthy, but I’m going to try to Continue Reading

I recently received an email about shooting corporate events and holiday parties, and while I don’t at all mind being surrounded by people and photographing their celebrations and accomplishments, shooting such events just doesn’t fit my style of business or photography. I have, however, photographed a couple events for my church as a volunteer and Continue Reading

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