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Have you ever tried running a small business out of your home without internet or an organized office? Have you ever tried using a computer that takes more than a minute to upload one single image? How about that same computer with a non-working G key? That’s been the life of JFP for the past Continue Reading

I’ve been asked a lot recently, “When do you work?” Most of the time this question comes from other moms who know I stay at home with Ally AND run a small business. Most are usually surprised when I respond “almost every day”, so I thought I’d add another post to the Photog Q&A series Continue Reading

Nicole and I first met this past winter. Between our love of weddings and pretty details, we immediately clicked and decided to work on a project together. She was starting an event design/planning business and I had always wanted to put together a style shoot. She needed to build a portfolio and I needed someone Continue Reading




This past spring, I finally entered the iPhone world. I had a Droid for over two years and couldn’t wait for an upgrade! I knew the iPhone was awesome and I knew it wouldn’t give me the problems I had with the Droid. I also knew I could get a snazzy new custom case for Continue Reading

It’s been a little while since I’ve had a mentor meeting. I had a handful in the spring and really enjoyed teaching other photographers. It certainly affirmed the fact that I do enjoy teaching and sharing my passion about photography. I’ve been continuing the art of teaching recently…style shoot photography shootout/workshop was held last weekend Continue Reading

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