Jessica here! Ready to bring some fun and excitement through color, beautiful scenery, and this place we call home - Deep Creek, Maryland! 

Hello, HI and hoolllerrr! Thanks for visiting JFP!

I’ve been photographing Deep Creek's visiting families and destination weddings for over a decade. It's a bold claim, but I believe I'm the photographer with the most Deep Creek experience...

And that means we're not only going to create beautiful pictures, but I'm also going to make sure you enjoy Deep Creek while you're here, too.

A Little Intro...

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the beautiful, wonderful Deep Creek in Garrett County, MD… also the westernmost part of the state! Where the mountains meet the lake and families and friends come to celebrate!

Right now, my focus is doing work in this area only. Every single picture on this site was taken in Deep Creek + Garrett County...except for a few on the blog. :)


Jessica Fike! My last name used to be Vilella. People always had a hard time saying and spelling it. Viva Italia!

When I'm Not Working...

I'm thinking about working, ha! Also trying to get my kids up and out the door so we can enjoy this place and the wonderful people here. Let’s meet our friends at the park, let’s go somewhere new! So maybe if I’m not working or thinking about work, I’m planning activities.

I'm Located In...

My Approach

To photography....it's all about the light! Without light, there's no photos. Without GOOD light, there's bad photos...or at least photos that don't show off my subjects well. Early morning and evening sunlight are top priority, then comes finding the best backdrops, and we've got plenty of those here. The lake, the waterfalls, the mountains in the distance, the evergreen-filled forest...they inspire, and I like to step back and allow them to do so. Add in a couple or family and the magic really happens. Note: Smiling at the camera the whole time is not a requirement - interaction and movement are encouraged. That's when my favorite photos are achieved.

  • tour guide
  • Artist
  • lover of color
  • finder of good light
  • candid-capturer
  • holler-er for a good picture

so much more than a photographer!

I'm also a(n)...

It’s been said that my superpower is remembering names. 22 people in your wedding party or family and you don’t think I can remember alllll their names? Challenge accepted.

I don’t mind chatting on the phone and still get excited when an unknown number pops up. Sure, caller ID was nice, but where’s the thrill?

My birthday is December 11th…my husband Brian and my oldest Ally also have that birthday. #birthdaytrifecta

Every single image on this site was taken in Deep Creek + Garrett County, MD.

I’m a chronic idea thinker-upper. Need a new idea? Let me know and I’ll make one up for you.

Fun Facts

Me again!

deep creek Photographer & Tour Guide

My Mom, Carole

SECOND SHOOTER & wedding photography veteran

Only a select number of larger weddings are taken each year - big venue, lots of guests, 8+ hours of coverage. These require a second shooter, usually Christine or my mom. Fun fact: My mom was a wedding photographer and I used to be her helper when I was a teenager!

The kids do not come with me...unless it's a friendly environment during summer  - if they can splash around in the lake at Deep Creek Lake State Park beach area, you may see them tag along at times! But don't worry, they know not to be a distraction, ha. :)

The Hubster, Brian

personal biz consultant, doesn't like taking photos


Meet  the


JFP videographer & SEcond Shooter

My Kids

occasional tagalongs, reason for work-life balance

You’re wanting photos done here in the beautiful Deep Creek + Garrett County, MD! While I do some traveling, I try to focus as much of my work in this area as I can.

You are not afraid to splash your feet in the water! Whether you’re with your family on vacation or in a wedding dress…

You can hand over the trust! Trust that I’ll capture what’s needed and will know how to handle most people-y situations. No shot lists or Pinterest boards needed.

You're okay with getting a little chatty! When we get on the phone, meet for your engagement session or family session, I hope we can talk for a while and get to know each other.

Communication is important to you! A special high five if you’re okay discussing photography matters on the phone and agree it can be more efficient than emails.

Does this sound like you?

- Drew from Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to let you know that I keep wedding pictures as the background on my computers at work and I am always getting compliments and questions from coworkers about them. There is one picture in particular that receives the most admiration and praise. It is the one of Karen and I at the top of the falls holding hands and looking at each other. People LOVE that photo! Just wanted to pass that on and let you know we are still very happy with our photos and how well you captured our day."

"Always getting compliments"

Big Fun

Big Reputation

- Dani

Jessica is amazing and she made us feel so comfortable! Having her capture our wedding was like having my best friend with me for every moment! Jessica's photos are fun, whimsical, and sophisticated!

We are not a stoic couple and did not want posed (or trying-too-hard) photos! Jessica was able to capture our personalities and the elegance of the day! I can't stop looking at our photos!

"Jessica is amazing!"

- Jessica and brandon

The best decision I could have made for my wedding was hiring Jessica Fike as a photographer! I was in a wedding prior that she was a photographer for and seeing how organized and easy and strategic she was to work with is what convinced me! She makes you feel so comfortable and helps teach you how to pose and smile and look so natural! She keeps you on schedule throughout your day and captures so much emotion in her photos. She is worth every penny plus more!

" the best decision."

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